The Top Out Brewery

Top Out is a small, independent craft beer brewery based in Edinburgh.

We have been brewing acclaimed, unconventional beers since July 2013.

We are members of The Society of Independent Brewers(SIBA), The Brewers Association of Scotland (TBAS) and Scotland Food & Drink.

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The full range of Top Out bottled beer

How it all began

Finding the right premises

After a lot of searching we finally found suitable premises in the not very exciting named Unit 3!

A Space For A Brewery

Brew kit gets delivered

Finally the kit arrives and we can start making unit 3 into a brewery

Brewery Gets Delivered

Making Unit 3 into a Brewery

Top Out Brewery starting to take shape

Making Unit 3 into a Brewery

Ready to start brewing

Were finally ready to start brewing some great beer

Head brewer Mike Hopert

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