Inspired by brewers the world over, we aim to create the best beers we can imagine without compromise.

We have a growing stable of core beers and a steady stream of unusual, limited editions and enticing collaborations. Combining brewing influences from Germany, Scotland, Belgium and America with the worlds best ingredients we create great tasting, original craft beers.

How we make it

Hops - A starting point for all beer. At Top Out we make our beer from scratch, stopping only short of inventing the universe (thank you Dr. Sagan). All the ingredients are delivered to our door, we brew the beer and our yeasts ferment it. Every drop is then bottled or filled into cask by us. The last step is to label each bottle individually.

Hops In Hand

And a few more ingredients

Adding the grains to begin the process

Making Beer

Onto the boil

It all come together in the giant kettles ready for fermenting

Top Out Brewery Tanks

Once brewing is done its onto the bottles and casks

And to go with the bottles just as many labels and bottle caps.

All this is done by hand until we have the final product

Finally the finished product

Mike and Andi enjoying some of their highly acclaimed beers

Andi and Michael enjoying some of their highly acclaimed beers

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