Winter 2017

Dubbel Chocolate (alc 6.7% abv)

Hops: Admiral.

While always seasonal and warming, our winter beer is different each year. For 2017 we have brewed a Belgian Abbey style beer – a Dubbel. We added chocolate malt and cacao shells for that scrumptious double chocolate taste alongside some fresh orange zest and winter spices.

Mountain: This is, so far, our only label that doesn't feature a mountain. To mix it up a bit and get you ready for Christmas, we thought we'd give you some snowflakes instead. But don't worry, most of our future releases will still come with the mountain label you're used to.

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Winter 2015

Smokey Orange Wheat Beer (alc 7.2% abv)

Winter 2015 bottle

Winter 2014

Treacle & Raisin Spiced Ale (alc 6.6% abv)

Winter 2014 bottle

Winter 2013

Seasonally Spiced Dark Ale (alc 5.8% abv)

Winter 2013 bottle

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